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Interior Car Trim Repair

Leather or Vinyl Trim Repairs

Having carried out these types of Interior trim repairs for  Swansea main dealers for the last 22 years, I think it’s safe to say our repair specialists make these repairs look quick and easy.

We carry out Leather, Plastic and door Trim and Dashboard repairs on an almost daily basis, covering repairs for most Swansea main dealers including Porsche, Bentley , Jaguar and Aston Martin as well as for many local Bodyshops and Vehicle rental companies so you and your Car are in safe hands.

We repair those annoying scratches and scuffs that magically appear on your pride and joy’s Interior Saving you the cost of expensive replacement.

If you are local to Swansea and need help or advice phone Steve now – 07792-320692Swansea

Swansea Leather or Vinyl Repairs

Our Cardiff trim repair service covers the below repair types:

Dashboard Holes and Damage

Door Trim Scuffs and Nicks

Boot lining Scratches and Scrapes

Most interior Trim panel Damage

Using our professional colour matching techniques we can repair and fill holes in dashboards and damaged trim panels.

Cardiff Velour Car Seat Repair – Burn Holes

We can repair a multitude of minor Car upholstery problems including: cigarette burn holes on plain and patterned velour upholstery and carpets. Our technicians are highly skilled at colour matching, so any repairs will be virtually undetectable, thus restoring your vehicle interior to as good as new.

These repairs are ideal for rental car returns with burn hole damage as well as lease car return inspection preperation.

We specialize in small minor “SMART” repair damage. So if you have minor leather scuffs, scratches, burns then we should be able to help.

Car Dashboard Repair Swansea

Car Dashboard Repair Swansea
Bumper Damage before and after