Car Bumper Repair Swansea

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Fully Mobile Repair Service

Car Bumper Scuffs and Bumper Repair Swansea

At last – A fully mobile professional Swansea car bumper repair solution for all those minor scrapes and scratches to your pride and joy.

At Car bumper repairs Swansea, we are able to restore your car’s cosmetic bumper damage without the waiting time and expense of a conventional bodyshop. Our Smart repair technology allows us to perform most minor bumper repairs quickly and efficiently in a matter of hours not days.

This “SMART” technology allows us to paint and repair just the damaged or scuffed area of your bumper, rather than the whole bumper as a conventional body shop would.

This means we can carry out your bumper repair to a bodyshop standard faster and cheaper – and best of all we are mobile, so we come to you at your convenience!  We Can Save You Money..

Simply use the mobile numbers on the right to contact us or alternatively e mail a Photo – Steve on 07792-320692 or Carmond on 07977-514324

Car Bumper Repair Swansea Save Our Customers both time and Money by Providing an Excellent Local mobile car Bumper Repair Service!

As Car Manufacturers continue to increase the use of plastics for exterior body parts and bumpers.

We continue to improve our plastic repair techniques to help our customers save money. We can repair splits, cracks and holes in bumpers using an insurance approved welding process to return plastic parts to their original strength.

These Scuffs, scrapes and other imperfections are then filled with special flexible filler to return the plastic part to its original shape and finish ready for painting and then a final coat of lacquer.

Swansea Car bumper repair before and after image
Bumper Damage before and after

We Save Our Customers Time!

Remember your Car bumper scuff damage can not only harm the appearance of your vehicle, but also significantly affect its resale value. So rather than wasting money on expensive bumper replacement or a trip to the local body shop, you can now restore your bumper to its original showroom quality with our Swansea mobile bumper repair service.

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